Renewable energy. Always.



Cleanworld is an independent, leading brokerage company that focuses on environmental commodities in the OTC markets. Our core business has become the green certificates related to the production and consumption of renewable energy in every different segment on a European level.

Our team consists of highly competitive and skilled individuals with a burning desire for being the best at what we do. Combining our unique approach and superior market expertise, allows us to excel on behalf of our six hundred business partners and deliver outstanding service with the highest level of integrity.

We strive to continually adapt our business processes in an ever-changing energy market, to ensure our customers’ confidence that as a brokerage firm, Cleanworld is always updated on the market and possesses the most relevant insights in order to guarantee that we always deliver the most transparent market price.




  • Biomethane
  • RGGO
  • ISCC / REDcert
  • RTFC
  • Bio-LNG
  • Biofuels
  • Feedstocks


  • EUA
  • CER
  • VERs
  • Nordic power
  • EPAD


Harald v.Heyden Harald v.Heyden

Harald v.Heyden

Chairman of the Board
+47 922 881 03
+47 22 93 72 58
Aron Simon Aron Simon

Aron Simon

Managing Director
+47 477 19 809
Robin Timoteo Robin Timoteo

Robin Timoteo

Head of Certificate Markets
+47 916 86 151
Odd Rune Olsen Odd Rune Olsen

Odd Rune Olsen

Head of Operations
+47 907 06 655

Merethe Jin Kruge

Head of Business Development
+47 452 28 353
Bjørn Syslak Bjørn Syslak

Bjørn Syslak

Senior Renewable Broker
+47 407 69 732
Rhea Nilsen Rhea Nilsen

Rhea Nilsen

Manager Green Products
+47 483 92 682
Lars Kromli Lars Kromli

Lars Kromli

Senior Renewable Energy Broker
+47 928 20 679

Erick Bottino

Senior Renewable Energy Broker
+47 901 67 841
+39 3355251607
Øivind Munthe-Kaas Øivind Munthe-Kaas

Øivind Munthe-Kaas

Originator Renewable Fuels
+47 404 52 511
Holly Wilder Holly Wilder

Holly Wilder

Backoffice Manager
+47 934 00 713

Elias Borøchstein Syslak

Renewable Energy Broker
+47 451 99 649

Victoria Fiora

Renewable Energy Broker
+47 465 43 382

Christian Finckenhagen

Senior Renewable Energy Broker
+47 959 49 643

Grecia Corral

Renewable Energy Broker
+47 968 12 183

Hugo Malfit

Renewable Energy Broker
+47 917 58 202
+33 619805813

Thomas Sve

Renewable Energy Broker
+47 971 32 208


Our market is growing fast. We are always looking for new colleagues. For our team in Oslo, we are looking for highly motivated, ambitious, and dedicated brokers. We evaluate applications on an ongoing basis and welcome applications from qualified canidates. We are looking for brokers for renewable electricity certificates/guarantees of origin, biomethane and for carbon certificates. Additionally, please see the open positions below. Please apply with a cover letter and your CV to


Haakon VIIs gate 5, 0161 Oslo


Jernbanealleen 22, 3210 Sandefjord