Biofuels & Feedstocks

Biofuel & Feedstocks

Since 2016 Cleanworld has brokered transactions in biofuel, fuel and feedstock of various qualities. Additionally, we help our clients to trade their related fuel certificates such as Treibhausgasquote (THG-Quote) in Germany, or Renewable Transport Fuel Credits (RTFC) in the UK. On the fuel side the team brokers standard products such as kerosene and biodiesel and off-spec products.

Products covered e.g.:

  • Biodiesel / FAME / diesel / HVO.
  • Ethanol.
  • Liquid Biogas / LBG.
  • Fuel tickets: RTFC, THG-Quote.
  • Biomethanol, glycerin, used cooking oil.
  • Acid oil, bio heating oil, tall-oil.
  • Off-Spec fuels and feedstocks.

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